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Nikki Dial Biography Photo Nikki Dial Biography
Born: 10/5/1973
Aliases: Nicky Dial, Nicole Greiner

Birthplace: Erie, Pennsylvania
Nationality/Heritage: American
Hair Color: Brown
Measurements: 34-22-34
Height: 5 feet, 1 inches (155 cm)
Weight: 99 lbs (45 kg)

'Nikki Dial''' (born '''Nicole Grenier''' on October 5 1973 in Erie, Pennsylvania) is an American porn star active during the early 1990s.Dial was known for her "girl next door" looks, large clitoris and breasts that were large for her small frame. Before entering the porn business, she worked in bondage and BDSM-oriented clubs; she claims that work of this nature helped her to overcome her natural shyness.

Although she retired after only two years and roughly seventy five movies, she worked for many of the major adult studios, including Legend, VCA, and Vivid. She won several awards during her adult film career, including ones from The X-Rated Critics Organization (XRCO) and Adult Video News (AVN). Her work included standard intercourse, oral and anal sex, lesbian encounters, and use of sex toys.

Dial retired from adult films around 1995 but she still occasionally appears as a feature dancer. She has also done voice acting in English-dubbed hentai anime.

Although she has not made a blue movie in years, Nikki Dial seems destined to reign as one of porn's all-time superstars for years to come. At just over five feet tall, with a curvaceous figure notable for her naturally large chest, Nikki is a standout brunette in an industry that seems to favor silicone-enhanced bleached blondes. Yet her appeal comes not from being an anal queen or a swallower or any other over-the-top performer, but rather from her girl-next-door (well, fantasy girl in any case) great looks and a smoldering presence which makes her stand apart from almost all the others. It's only natural that Nikki would eventually win major industry awards, including Best New Starlet of 1994 from the X-Rated Critics Organization, and Hottest New Starlet from Adult Video News.

Born on October 5, 1974, Nikki has that "barely legal" look which is so adored by today's porn aficionados, making her the perfect candidate for More Dirty Debutantes #23, where she gets herself off in a heated frenzy. Hailing from Pennsylvania (also the home base for Adult DVD Empire), this blue-eyed beauty came to LA to make her fame and fortune shortly after turning eighteen, and has been on a success streak ever since. In Suze Randall's Super Sexy Volume 1 and 2, which serves as a great softcore prelude to her hardcore work, Nikki's natural charm and instant appeal are immediately apparent as she is interviewed behind the scenes of a sensual photo shoot. This teasing video shows Ms. Dial at her hardbodied best, and is pure eye-candy for anyone who likes a pretty face.

With less than a hundred titles to her credit, Nikki's output in porn hardly matches the numbers of most of today's adult actresses, which is all the more reason why viewers should pick up every title of hers which makes its way onto DVD. Her fans already know that she positively burns in almost every scene she's in, so choosing one of her movies should be a breeze. Darling Nikki enjoys the company of both men and women, and knows hot to please both sexes as shown in the Things Change: My First Time, and Things Change: Letting Go. She and Deidre Holland make sweet, sweet love in a beautifully filmed girl-girl scene which is both carnally aggressive and sensually emotional. Later, she and redhead cutie flame indulge Woody Long in a hot and heavy threesome which is a highlight of the series. Although some of her movies could have been better overall, I don't recall ever seeing her deliver a less than excellent sexual performance. Even in Designer Bodies, she shines like a precious diamond in the film's opening sex scene with Gerry Pike, improving this movie ten times over. Her photo shoots and layouts in many of the top men's magazines and on the internet continue to sustain her immense popularity even while she remains on a leave of absence from adult cinema.

On the road, Nikki is one of the most popular dancers, where literally fans cross state lines and descend upon her stage shows like bees to a hive. I was lucky enough to catch her dancing at a "gentlemen's club" in California a short while ago. As I stated in an Empire Review for Nikki Dial Is...Hard To Stop: "I can attest that she is far, far more beautiful in person than on video, and she is absolutely gorgeous in all her movies." All the hours of waiting in traffic, of fighting for a seat closest to the stage, and of tossing a roll full of dollar bills to every house dancer whose performance just seemed to get in the way of the main attraction, were worth the all-too-brief moments of witnessing this porn goddess in show-stopping action. In my humble opinion, she is one of the few actresses whose movies are worth getting just for her presence alone, whether or not she is actually performing in a sex scene; I can't think of any other star for whom the same can be said. For anyone who might think of her as just another pretty face, I direct your attention to the DVD box covers of movies like Designer Bodies, Starlet, and Sex for instant validation as to her smoldering carnal presence and seductive sexuality.

As the present time, only a portion of Nikki's titles have made their way to the digital video disc format. However, this is one of those rare instances where I can honestly recommend each and every title which has featured this porn legend just for Nikki herself. Otherwise straightforward features like Hard To Stop, American Built, Endlessly, Any Port In A Storm and Sex are instant collectibles because of her, and have made their way to my admittedly overcrowded DVD collection because of the way she can turn on the viewer as she does her on-screen partners. In particular, Hard To Stop features some great girl-girl orgy action where Nikki is paired up with Bionca, Nicole London, Melanie Moore and Crystal Wilder. In Endlessly, Nikki has a romantically prolonged session with Marc Wallice that is tailor made for couples viewing. Even with all thirteen titles in your collection, you will find yourself wanting to see more of her work such as in New Wave Hookers 3 (where she shares a lesbian scene with Crystal Wilder leading into a threesome with Marc Wallice), Legend IV (which features a girl-girl with Kelly O' Dell, and a m�nage a trois with Tiffany Mynx and Randy Spears), Hopeless Romantic (a perfect couple film where she plays true to the title), and Deep Inside Nikki Dial (a compilation of her best work for VCA).

Her sexual performance is almost overshadowed by her beauty, yet cannot be understated. In Things Change: My First Time, Nikki takes a wet and soapy bath which leads into a masturbation frenzy that will require you to take a cold shower. In Nikki Never Says No, she and torrid Tiffany Mynx take a dip into a pool and into each other in a lusty lesbian scene. Nikki teams up with Ms. Mynx again for some sexy dirty dancing and hardcore teasing in front of an awestruck Steve Drake, before he joins them for a thrilling threesome (actually, this is one of my favorite Nikki Dial scenes, and features some of her best deep-throating and pussy-eating work, and I raved about this DVD in an Empire Review). Three times a charm for Nikki and Tiffany when they devour each other in Nikki At Nite. Lucky Jonathan Morgan also gets turn the Dial for a slam-bang ending to this hit movie. In yet another Vivid feature, Nikki steals the show when she and gorgeous Latina Francesca Le make love outdoors in Paul Thomas' period epic, Bonnie & Clyde. The sight of these two brown-haired beauties going at each other is apparently too much for Mickey Ray and Nick East to handle, so they ease their way into a frolicking foursome which is a standout scene in this classic movie.

Although she still makes appearances on dance tours and in the occasional magazine layout, Nikki's return to porn has yet to be announced. However, it is up to studios like VCA, Legend and Vivid to give fans what they want and release all her titles on DVD as expediently as possible. Luckily, we still have a healthy handful of her discs to enjoy while we wait!

Nikki Dial, (everyone's favorite naughty girl) has lovely blue eyes and a pretty face that gives away her Italian heritage. Born October 5, 1973 - Nikki Dial was blessed with an incredibly sexy little body, with huge boobs and a brilliant ass all stuffed into one luscious five-foot-2 inch package. Nikki started doing nude photo shoots spreads at the age of 18, and it wasnÂt long before her old school chum Kelly OÂDell convinced her to jump into porn. Nikki did a few amateur videos and found on-camera sex to be an incredible turn-on. NikkiÂs frantic on-screen sexing led to lots of offers, lots of fans, and lots of awards. Nikki was awarded the 1994 XRCO Best New Starlet, Fans of X-Rated Entertainment Favorite Female, AVN Hottest New Starlet, and Hot Video Starlet of the Year awards. Born in Pennsylvania, Nikki continues to live on the East Coast, away from the hectic L.A. porn scene. Currently, Nikki is concentrating on her lucrative exotic dance career.

Nikki Dial Interview Roger Review:
Jan 2000

RR: We are at the 2002 CES with Nikki Dial who looks beautiful today.

Thank you.

RR:Youve been away from the business for a while now.

Thats true. I would say that Ive been away for a good five years.

RR:You are back promoting some voice over work you have done for Nu Tech, but are you maybe considering comeback to video?

No videos for me. I will be doing some more animated work.

RR:So voice over work, but we arent going to see you on camera?

Not any more.

RR:Is this the first voice over work youve done?

Yes it is. its very interesting.

RR:How is it different than the acting roles youve had?

Everything was done in Japanese and I had to time the grunts and moans to match the action.

RR:Some of the stuff in anime is pretty weird.

Yes it is. I did some stuff that was pretty extreme.

RR:Were you shocked?

I was a little shocked. I didnt know ahead of time what to expect. When I got there they had me do the weird things first, so everything after that seemed easy.

RR:Was it fun?

It was a lot of fun to be someone else.

RR:You dont speak Japanese do you?

I do not.

RR:So someone had to give you the translation and we dont even know if it was accurate or not?

I just have to trust the person doing the translation and hope its close.

RR:I have to go back to this because people keep asking me. No more videos for you? Not at all?

No videos. Magazines every now and than, but not videos.

RR:Have you done any magazine work recently?

Nothing recent, but there will be some in the very near future.

RR:But you still dance?

Yes, I tour all over.

RR:That must keep you busy.

It does, Im on the road a lot.

RR:Do you have a web site?

I have one that will be coming soon.

RR:How long were in the business?

Two years.

RR:Can we do a brief history of your short, but successful career?

Sure. I first signed with Legend Home Video. I did some movies here and there. I did work for VCA and then I signed a contract with Vivid for a year.

RR:What would you say your best movies are?

Sex by Vivid and Things Change by Metro. Those are my favorites.

RR:Why are they your favorites?

Sex was with Rocco and that was fun. I really love Deidre Holland and she was in Things Change.

RR:Do both of those have a lot of dialog?

Comparatively, yes.

RR:Did you always like the acting part?

I did yes. Dont get me wrong, I liked the sex part as well.

RR:Is the voice over work harder than the acting?

I think its easier because its more private. You are in the studio by yourself. You are free and dont have the cameras on you.

RR:Other than Rocco, were there any guys you really liked working with?

I loved working with Tom Byron. There were a lot, but he and Rocco were my favorites.

RR:What about women?

Deidre Holland and Tiffany Mynx were my favorites.

RR:If someone wants to see you dance, is there a way for them to check your schedule?

Until I get the web site up, the only way is to check the local papers. The clubs always advertise a few weeks in advance.

RR:How long are you on the road?

I do a week in each city.

RR:How often?

I do it for about twelve weeks out of the year.

RR:What do you do the rest of the time?

I am in school studying speech pathology.

RR:What brought you into porn originally?

Curiosity and money.

RR:Were you dancing at the time?

No, I didnt dance until after porn.

RR:You were just a normal girl?

I was a normal girl. I started doing magazine layouts and made it into video.

RR:What was your first movie?

its been so long ago. It was for Legend, American Built I think.

RR:Was it a guy or girl?

It was both.

RR:At the same time?

No, in the movie I did a scene with a guy and one with a girl. In most of my movies I did both.

RR:I mean the very first scene, was it with a guy or girl?

A guy.

RR:Were you nervous?

I was very nervous. In fact, I ran out on my very first scene. I couldnt do it. I didnt even meet the guy. I ran right off the set.

RR:Some porn guy is tearing his hair out because he couldnt be your first.

American Built was the first movie I actually went through with.

RR:When you got through that first scene, were you ready to do more?

Yes, after the first one, the shock wore off and I was ready.

RR:Had you had sex with women before porn?

No. My first girl ever was my second scene.

RR:Were you more nervous about the cameras on that one, or about being with another woman?

I think I was still more nervous about the cameras.

RR:You obviously liked it.

I did and I continued doing that throughout my career.

RR:Is that an off screen thing as well?

No, just on screen.

RR:About how many movies did you make?

Around fifty.

RR:Most of them for Vivid?

About half, I spaced my movies out pretty evenly.

RR:People obviously recognize you here, but are you recognized outside of these events.

Sometimes. I dont usually go out made up like this, but it happens from time to time.

RR:Is that usually a good experience?

Oh yea. Most of my fans are total gentleman.

RR:I have to ask again, because we keep hearing these rumors of a Nikki Dial comeback. Are you coming back?

No. I am not coming back. I will do more anime, but I am not doing video.

RR:That should clear those rumors up.

I hope so.

RR:Thank you for your time and for clearing that up for us.

My pleasure.

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